Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Eight is Great

Marci and I celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary this week, in the beautiful settings of Mackinac Island. It was a great get-away for the two of us. Luxurious, in fact... Grandparents took care of the children; we were able to take our time and really connect over two days of travel and recreation; and we soaked up the peace and quiet of a great vacation spot. Mackinac Island is located on the straits of Mackinac -- at the intersection of Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, and the two peninsulas of the State of Michigan. Three-quarters of the island are covered by state park wilderness area, and motorized vehicles are totally prohibited from the island. The weather was beautiful, and we simply soaked up the sunshine and silence of the island...

It was a wonderful celebration of a wonderful anniversary marking the beginning of a wonderful marriage with a wonderful woman.


At 1:00 PM, Anonymous Jan en Ria Pauws said...

Lieve Marci en Eric,
Nog van harte gefeliciteerd!!!!!
Jan en Ria


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