Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A Blogger's Conundrum

Isn't it ironic that the times when you have the most things to write about are also the times when you have the least time to sit at a computer and write?

I still have more things I want to write about Nijmegen (but in the meantime, you should check our home group's blog for a short summary of our experiences in the city and my five favorite photos from the weekend)... Our family is traveling to America soon -- which is bringing up a very interesting set of thoughts and emotions that would definitely be blogworthy... An old friend has been visiting Amsterdam, which has also brought up a lot of good blogworthy memories as well as new ideas and experiences... And, of course, my kids continue to grow up, my wife continues to amaze me, our church in Amsterdam continues to develop, and the city of Amsterdam continues to buzz with a million stories...

But I don't have any time to write about any of this right now [sigh]. Maybe soon...


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