Friday, February 03, 2006

another commemoration

So this must be the week for commemorations. After observing the third anniversary of our move to Amsterdam on Sunday, and then reflecting upon the conclusion of my year with the Cover-to-Cover project on Tuesday, today serves as occasion for another commemoration.

It's been exactly one year since my first "real" post on this blog.

I set the Blogger account up in December of 2004, but I don't think that really counted as an official post. But ever since the 3rd of February last year, I've been regularly sending my "casual and critical observations on life, love, and faith" out into cyberspce in the form of short prose and photography on AmsterdamAsp. I've been surprised by how much I've come to enjoy blogging. As it turns out, I've become extremely grateful to have this outlet for creativity, self-expression, and emotional processing.

I thought it might be interesting to try and identify my "top three" (personal favorite) blog posts from the last year. If anyone who happens to come across this space has further thoughts or comments, I would be extremely interested to hear what others think (just post a comment below). But for myself, I think I was surprised by how quickly and easily I was able to zero in on my favorite posts to this blog. In no particular order, here are my picks for the top three posts from the last year:

Perceptions: The process of pursuing medical treatment for Olivia's hemangioma was a significant theme throughout my first year of blogging, but it proved to be a very refining experience. I found this post from the beginning of August to be an especially meaningful introspective on my feelings toward my daughter Olivia... And apparently, so did others. I never got more hits on the site or more comments -- from both friends and perfect strangers -- than I did for this story.

Tram lijn 7 - Richting Flevopark - 22:49: I'm not 100 percent sure why this post sticks out in my mind so much. It certainly didn't catch the attention of others (like the aforementioned post), and it's not really that personal. But something about this story just seemed to capture the essence of Amsterdam in my mind. I hope to one day be able to re-write the piece more effectively for use in something else.

Traffic Love: This story was my Mother's Day present (for my mother) in 2005. I like the old photograph at the top of the post, and writing the story seemed to tap into a wave of nostalgia and reminiscence for me. Truthfully, the other two of the "top three" posts were much more easily and more immediately identifiable, and there were a couple of other possibilities that could have also made it into the top three, but I think this is a good choice to round the list out.

So perhaps it may seem a bit egotistical to analyze and announce my own "top three" list for my own blog. But the Dutch are outspoken and unashamed when it comes to their birthday celebrations, and this blog is a Dutch blog -- or at least an Amsterdamse blog. And today is her birthday. Lang zal ze leven...


At 10:44 PM, Blogger Ginger said...

Hi Eric, I just got done reading your January e-letter and so....I read your blog for the first time today and I thought it was a good one to read first and not feel behind after not reading it for a year since you highlighted your 3 favorite posts from last year. I read all three and I think I liked the one about your mom best. I love waterskiing so much and to think of having to sit out for the rest of my life due to me making that kind of sacrifice for someone, even Bauer, is hard. I also liked the tram post, especially the ending about whether those other people on the tram feel the same things as you. Keep the writing going. I'll keep reading. Ginger (TJ says hello!)

At 7:24 AM, Blogger Bryan's Blog said...

Soft Fuzzy Bunnies, is by far my favorite post. On a personal level it brought back great memories and really did make me tear up (by the way I am on a team now and have lost our first two games by an average of 40...painful). But, it also gave a glimps into the sacrifice and hardship that come with being overseas. I'm sure it is not always the big things that you miss the most.

At 8:59 AM, Blogger Baus said...

Hey. Enjoyed visiting Zolder50 last night. I'm a friend of Sander Chan and a Masters student at the VU. Perhaps I'll see you again sometime.


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