Thursday, February 23, 2006

Help and Support

I love my home group. I really do.

It seems that a home group is often the best place -- and sometimes the only place -- where true community is lived out, and where we can fulfill the New Command to love each other as Jesus loves us. In short, a home group is meant to be a circle of friends helping each other and supporting each other as we walk together down the road of life.

I guess I just wouldn't typically expect these dear friends of mine to be helping to feed my addictions and supporting my bad habits.

But seriously, the group came up with an awesome surprise for my birthday (26 February) by overwhelming me with indulgence for two of my recent obsessions. Within the past couple of weeks, I had shared with the group how I can sometimes border on addictive / obsessive-compulsive behavior with things like checking the statistics on my blog's StatCounter or enjoying a batch of popcorn while watching television to unwind at the end of a stressful day... So for my birthday, I was treated with seven individually-wrapped packages of popcorn and a secret campaign to provide me with a record number of hits for my blog (yesterday brought in 259 page loads!). It was a funny concept and brilliantly executed.

So thank you Anne, Elliot, Geert Jan, Jeroen, Jetske, Kor, Marci, Marco, Maria, Maurius, Meghan, Olivia, Sander, Serges, Tanya, Vera, and Vera -- for making my birthday (and Anne's, and Neil's) special. I love you all.


At 2:35 PM, Blogger MichaĆ«l said...

Hartelijk Gefeliciteerd!!!!

Helemaal vergeten toen ik je zonet aan de telefoon had.


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