Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Could this be church? Blankets spread out across a swath of grass in the middle of Amsterdam's largest park... Flowers for public distribution, picnic food for sharing, 100 young people lounging in the sun of a June afternoon... It doesn't match our concept of "church" -- with Sunday morning gatherings in enclosed spaces, following a programmed plan, looking out at the world through rose-colored stained glass windows. But nevertheless, we call this church.

"Vondel50" to be specific. An expression of church that is truly outside the box. We are not a building (that's why we drop the mention of "Zolder" in reference to this incarnation of "50"). We are not a service or sermon or set of music. We are not an isolated community, breathing the same recycled air in our Christian bubble. We are not trapped by tradition.

We are a community, a body -- a living and adaptable organism. And it seems like the Vondelpark is as good a place as any to enjoy each other's company and introduce others to this God that gives us life and purpose.


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