Sunday, June 19, 2005

Card from My Son

I got such a beautiful Father's Day card from Elliot today. He's getting to that age where he can truly express himself, and it's incredible to experience the ways that he communicates love in his own unique ways. He signed his own name to the card (I'm so proud that he's learned to write the letters in his name!). He designed the artwork on the card, through his Mom's assistance in using the computer (including a picture of "Steef the Clown" and "Bob, who's wearing a hat"). And he carefully dictated the specific wording of the card's primary message, under the prompting and recording of his Mom. It reads as follows:

"I like about Daddy... when he plays, plays basketball at the park with me, plays with my wooden toys. I like him when he plays with my tennis balls and tennis racket. I have two rackets. He stands up on the stool and funny guys come out to play. I love you, Daddy!"

What a joy to feel the love of my son...


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