Saturday, November 11, 2006

Oud, Ouders, en Oudsten

It's been a long week. A good week -- but a long week. Out-of-town guests (5 sets of people from 3 different continents totalling anywhere from 12 to 50, depending on how you count) along with the convergence of multiple projects have left me feeling badgered and bent like an old man. In the grand scheme of things, they're all good things -- and even refreshing in their own ways -- but altogether they can be rather wearying. In the last week, I've found myself looking forward to bedtime when the day is hardly even half-completed... Finally, I can relate to my grandparents who would always turn in by 8:30 in the evening. Either it's been an especially hectic week, or I'm getting older -- or both. C'est la vie.

Regrettably (though necessarily), blogging has taken a backburner during this period (thus my previous post). Nevertheless, the irony remains that the weeks in which I have the most to write about are the weeks in which I have the least time to write. Even so, I wanted to post a few pictures and share a few brief highlights of the past few days -- because it's been a very special week, in a lot of ways.

One of the most exciting events of this week has been the visit of my parents. Obviously, living on the far side of the ocean, we don't get too many opportunities for extended interaction (other than telephone conversations or chatting on-line) -- and prior to this week, my parents had never been able to make the trip to Amsterdam together (though my Mom was here a year ago, around the time of Olivia's surgery, and my Dad was here about a year before that, just after the time when Olivia was born). So it's just been a lot of fun having them around. We've had some really great times of conversation, and we've been able to enjoy some fun activities together as well. I've recently been reflecting on how special my parents are and how greatly they've blessed me throughout the course of my life. Thanks to their love and care (physically, emotionally, and spiritually), I've had a lot of chances in life that the vast majority of others in the world have not... And especially as I get older, I want to nurture my relationship with my Dad and Mom and bless them in my own way.

All that to say, it's been great having my parents in town this week -- even if their visit does happen to coincide with the crazy crossroads of other people and projects in Amsterdam...

And my parents' visit is all the more sweet because it allowed them to participate in a significant spiritual event in my life: my official ordination as a pastor for Zolder50 (or whatever our church may eventually be called), together with Todd Watkins. This element of recognition is the result of a long process that God has been working in my life -- and perhaps sometime soon I'll be able to reflect and explain more of what this development has meant to me (more than just a quick blurb in a newsy blog post)... But to say the least, it was a special occasion.

Indeed it's been an interesting week. A very good week. But to tell you the truth, I should hope that it's a week that will not be repeated anytime soon.


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