Thursday, April 21, 2005

Curious Muffy

My wife has recently been working on some scrapbooking. As she combed through some old boxes of memories, she came across a story that I wrote as a boy, about our family dog. I don't know exactly when it would've been written; it's typed and printed on the old-style computer paper, with feeder holes on the sides and all the pages connected together, separated by perforation. Kind of funny to have such a window to the past... As some of my earliest known "work," I thought it might be worth publishing in this space:

Curious Muffy

Once there was a dog named Muffy. Muffy was a very good
dog. But there was one thing. She was curious. Her owner was the man in the green hat. One day Muffy was on the bed of the man in the green hat. She smelled something. She got out of the bed to see what it was. It was the garbage can. Now Muffy liked stinky things. So she hopped right in. In the meantime, the man in the green hat was looking for Muffy. Muffy heard the man in the green hat. She started howling. The man in the green hat heard her. He could only get her legs and head out. Now Muffy is called the Tin Dog.

by Eric Asp

The depth of this composition is astounding, touching on such deep human themes as the metamorphosis that comes from our choices and the irresistable attraction toward the "stinky things" of life. I'm not sure how the piece managed to escape the attention of those voting for the Pulitzer Prize for Literature that year.

At any rate, I trust that you were impacted (or, more likely, entertained) by the literary stylings of "Curious Muffy."


At 3:02 PM, Anonymous Anna said...

Eric, I'm brought to tears by the beauty of this story about Muffy....Okay, maybe not, but it is pretty funny.


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